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Your data science team in a box. 

We are a high-functioning Data Science team capable of performing complex analyses that leverage Machine Learning and AI to drive opportunity for your business. And we move insightful results into production, FAST.

Think elastic data science as a service.


Case Studies

Real Time Stream Analysis, Geospatial Time Series Visualization

Client - An industrial Internet of Things startup bringing web scale data analytics and machine learning to the power utility industry.

Objective - Serve as a full stack data science and engineering team to develop the product concept, engage with customers, build credibility in the industry, and create product.

Results - Instrumental in raising over 3M USD in venture backing. Specific accomplishments include: built product, using Apache Kafka (distributed logging and data ingestion), MemSQL (in-memory high performance database), and Spark running in Amazon Web Services to ingest data from utility sensors in real-time (30 samples per second, hundreds of streams) and perform anomaly detection.


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